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The Chairman/Secretary
Hindism Vidyapith
Uttar Pradesh

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The Chairman/Secretary
Hindism Vidyapith

I/Shri _______    Father’s Name _______
Age ______    Resident of ___________
Distt _______  Pin ______    Phone No. _______

Declare as Under:
1. Our Institute will work as an Authorized study centre of Hindism Vidyapith, Bharat.
2. All the Admission/ Examination documents collected from the organization will be kept safely/ confidentially by me & its will be my responsibility for its timely distribution in the centre.
3. That our institute will work according to the rules & regulation of the organization & I agree with all the rules & regulation of the organization.
4. In no circumstances the enrollment number or exam result will be asked for in the even of the does not being paid to the Hindism Vidyapith.
5. In any case I will not receive Examination Fees in cash from students and Examination Fees will be excepted by Banker’s Cheque in favor of "Hindism Vidyapith".
6. All the courses run by Hindism Vidyapith, Bharat.
7. That I/We have read and understood the rules & regulation of the Organization and only after complete Satisfaction, this declaration is being made, which may be used for legal purposes whenever required. In the event of an dispute will be settled by the committee appointed by the HINDISM VIDYAPITH under the provisions of the Indian Attribution Act 1940 and its decision will be binding on all concerned & I/ We will Liable to all the expense.
Therefore, I/We ________ declare that time the information furnished in the form for Establishment of centre are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and will remain in force and binding on me and my successor for the Center’s association with the organization.

On behalf of the educational agency managing _______ I ________ Son/Daughter of ________ do hereby declare that the particulars furnished above are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I am prepared to undergo any punishment imposed on me if any of the particulars furnished are found to be false and misleading. I also further declare that I shall abide by the conditions rules and regulative measures imposed by the Hindism Vidyapith from time to time for granting permission/affiliation to establish and run this institution.

Place: _________
Date: 16/Jun/2024